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Imagine we had bacteria that could smell the air around us and alert us when the air got too polluted with dangerous gases or with radiation. Again, think of feeding the waste paper on your desk to bugs which can ?eat? them and give you fuel in return. This merely looks like science fiction but indeed, it is now possible to engineer organisms to do different things using tools from a new and emerging field called synthetic biology.

Synthetic biology involves making life forms that can do or produce things that may not exist in nature. This involves designing DNA (life's blueprint) parts and assembling them into a device pretty much like how several parts are put together to make an aeroplane, a car or a mobile phone. Using this new technology, it would be possible to produce drugs, cleaner fuels and other useful biochemicals from microbial factories.

Synthetic biology makes use of knowledge from different disciplines such as engineering, chemistry, biology, philosophy, chemistry, arts, business, law, education, informatics and so on. This Synbio society has been set in Edinburgh to bring together students from different disciplines to share ideas on hot issues in synthetic biology and also learn new ways of doing science. This is a great opportunity to interact with other people working in different fields but with similar interests in synthetic biology.  We are looking forward to seeing you at our meetings!

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The Society Mission Statement and The Society Founding Committee
The Society videos and The Society 2012-2013 Year Plan

The Mini Lectures Competition 2013 **NEW!**


* This website will be moved to the EUSA society website in the near future.