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SynBIO Society Mission Statement

The Society is aimed to:

1. Increase interest in Synthetic Biology, throughout the University and community, which is not only a new technology in the scientific domain, but has also elicited much debate on its societal and ethical impact.

2. Raise interdisciplinary research awareness by involving undergraduate and postgraduate students from Humanities and Social Sciences as well as Science and Engineering backgrounds, e.g., Biology, Engineering, Informatics, Chemistry, Physics, Social and Political Science, Business, Education, ECA, Psychology, Philosophy and Divinity; and provide them with a channel where they can develop and disseminate their intellectual thinking.

3. Crowd-source for the University’s iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) team and help them succeed in the international competition organised by the MIT which will reflect well on the University’s profile of undergraduate education internationally.

4. Develop both the Society members' personal and academic skills through events and collaborative projects and establish an international network, which will be beneficial for students' future career prospects.