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Society 2012-2013 Year Plan

The following activities and events have been planned for the 2012-2013 year:

Stage I (November - December 2012): Getting to know synthetic biology

Talks by the iGEM supervisors from Biology, Engineering and Informatics and the 2012 iGEM team. Click here to hear some of the 2012 iGEM team's experiences.

Stage II (December 2012-Mid January 2013): Mini Lectures—Competition 1

Same-discipline groups give mini lectures.

Stage III (Mid January-February 2013): Mini iGEM—Competition 2

Interdisciplinary groups develop iGEM-like research plans.

Stage IV (March 2013 onwards): Regular Activities

Such as monthly SynBioPod podcast, participation in the Science Festival, virtual online seminars/symposia with synbio societies from other universities around the world, etc.