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We are dedicated to promoting good teaching through pedagogical and technical innovations and sharing the experiences.

This site showcases some examples of teaching excellence at the School of Biological Sciences, the University of Edinburgh.

Here we use the term 'eLearning' in its broadest sense. It is not confined to people's traditional understanding which sees eLearning as online (and/or distance) learning only.  We include any technology-aided teaching and learning practices under 'eLearning', online or offline. We also would like to emphasize the 'learning' part by using a captalised 'L' in the term. Therefore, this site provides views from 'both sides of the coin': the teacher's motive, implementation and reflection about using a particular innovation in his/her teaching, and his/her students' learning experiences and perceptions of usefulness of this innovative practice. By doing so, we hope to become a referencing point where teachers can draw information for adopting and adjusting different approaches in comparable teaching contexts.

If you are a teaching professional, please visit the 'For Teachers' section by clicking on the link below (or the menu link on the top of this page). If you are a student, you can go to the 'For Learners' section and find out how some of our best teachers teach their courses in innovative ways.

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